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Why You Should Meditate?

Does one really need to begin by saying the spectacular benefits that are provided by meditation? These benefits are not only observed through word of mouth and experiential testimonials by the personal experience of those who practice the art, but they are also scientifically proven and documented in scientific journals on the ample benefits that the practice provides.

Skimming upon some of the benefits, these include benefits include:-

  • Stress Reduction (or even elimination)
  • Anxiety reduction
  • Mental Health
  • Prolonged Life
  • Biological Health
  • Hormonal Balancing
  • Increased concentration and Focus
  • Increased Happiness
  • Better decision making skills
  • Honing of Intuitive Skills
  • Better connection with one Self/Higher Self
  • Spirituality
  • Wisdom

These are just the benefits when you practice basic meditation. Basic meditation meaning one in which all that you do is bear witness to the most sublime of reality. This would include the noticing of your breath and/or sensations in your body.

Meditation becomes even that much more interesting, when you would like to manipulate the world that which you see in-front of you. Since much of the world is how you perceive things and not what actually is happening then, by shifting your focus to higher perceptions, or those that make you feel good, you change your world at a level.

When you continuously shift your perception, that which was once just a simple shift in reality from your deep meditation practice, could continuously move to be a reality change in everything. Whether it is a material one, or a philanthropic one, you will be able to continuously attain that which you desire.

As your perception changes, your reality changes and thus your behaviour. It is very difficult and lack in synchronicity if all these internal changes occur and you are still living the same external reality.

Thus, while you are meditation, and shifting your focus, ideals and beliefs, these changes take on, slowly, externals performances and thus at the final blow, the whole of reality changes.

Thus, whether all you wish from meditation is health and wisdom that all the greatest sages have had because of their meditation practice. Or if you would like more material wealth, then meditation is the place to start.

Couple with life coaching and actionable steps, you will be making changes in your life from the outside in as well as the inside out. This is a sure-fire way to boost and speedfast your way to success, so you can enjoy more of what you would like, for a greater amount of time. A Win-Win-Win situation.

With Meditation (Coupled with LOA Visualization & Affirmation) You Can:

  • Live The Life of Your Dreams
  • Attract Health
  • Attract Love
  • Attract Wealth


Stop wasting time, take on meditation and add LOA Visualization and Affirmation coupled with Life Coaching from Lui Bliss and you are sure to reach your destination in minimal time.

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