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What can Meditation Based Life Coaching Do for Me?

Meditation based life coach, Lui Bliss, incorporated meditation into his practice of guiding you through life obstacles with the help of meditation. With meditation, as taught by Lui, you will be able to combat through and uncover all desires, whether material or spiritual and make necessary changes within your life seamlessly.

Lui’s presence in your life is to provide you with the support and assurance that you are treading on the right path, and to reassure you of any doubts you may have along the way.

Being someone who has been through many of life’s turmoils, and facing a spiritual crisis and spiritual emergence and turning it all around in record time. Even attributed by many as a ‘miracle’ by one of his mentors as well as a spiritual friend who acknowledged the same.

This system is a formula, that can change your life. It may not be easy, but being earnest and eager will help in multitudes. Even if you find that hard to begin with, you must cherish that light that got you here and preserve it. Do what is necessary to expand this light so it not only lights up your being but also warms you up and also turns into a fire of passion in your heart… that you no longer live your day to day life the same anymore.

Life coaching on a surface level is good, the coach understand you and with time gets how you think and why you act the way yo do. Especially pinpointing ways you can improve upon your thinking and behaviour if it is a stumbling block to what you want to achieve. Eve if you have the best business plan, a solid attitude and a mind free of obstacles is necessity for its success. A life coach is a vital aspect to your success especially in todays age where there is so much uncertainty and unpredictability. Having someone who is there vouching for you and wants your success even more so than you do is extremely uplifting, encouraging and supportive. Success becomes the only option.

Incorporating meditation into the mix makes all of this grow exponentially. The support that you need is there at a compounding rate and you are able to tap-into, at will, an infinite source of energy. This energy can come from a higher being such as the Universe, or even spirits that are empowered to guide you through life with their large database of knowledge. Not only that, you will also be reprogramming your subconscious mind. So you, yourself change at a root level and are able to take on challenges that would have been completely impossible to take on before you began your practice.

By purchasing services from, you are entitled to complete attention to your cause and support for what you stand for. We will delve into what it is that truly turns you on, materialistically, spiritually and relationship wise in addition to maximization of your health.

You will be listened to, questioned and taught specific meditation techniques that will revitalize your life. As you practice daily, gradually you will change and results begin to take shape. This is guaranteed. We guarantee it because not only is it scientifically proven, but we have many success stories. More success stories can be seen by Monks, for example, who are able to partake in extraordinary feats with the power of meditation.

The Bliss Meditation practice is a fraction of that as it only take 15-30 minutes of your day to practice (more than 1 hour is not advisable) as the main purpose is to live a healthy and balanced life. You are not monks and are here to live a full, vivid and fantastic lives, and I am here to help. Give me the honour of being a help, a guide, on your journey to living a life of Bliss.

Yours Sincerely


Lui Bliss

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