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The Happiness Formula

Many people, are now aware of the fact that happiness does not stem from money. Some even realize that it does not, also, stem from material gains.

Of course, these things, such as material wealth, do fit into the formula somehow.

Until the recent path, this formula for happiness seemed a little vague. However, I am sure that I am closer now, more than ever, to finding out the complete truth, or formula, for complete and total happiness.

The Happiness Formula:-

  • Financial Freedom
  • Optimum health
  • Optimal Relationships
  • Peace within oneself and surrounding
  • Spiritual Fulfilment

Each one of these attributes of the formula, of course, has its own formula for its attainment.

Which we will delve into in a future post, until then, stay tuned or Book a Private Session with Lui Bliss and transform your life, today.

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