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To Have Aids:-


• To be a superior person

• To have power

• To have backup


• A sick and diseased person.

• A promiscuous person (a negative thing).


A person who once could have said they have ‘Aids’ and looked highly upon cannot even utter those words since it is one of the worst things that you can say. Going from one of the best things.



• Horoscope: Has of the most admirable and prestgious qualities and traits of all 12 Zodiac signs.


• A sick and diseased person who is going to die.


• A person cannot proudly say anything about cancer. They are shunned, looked down upon, stayed away from, or, felt sorry for. Even though they, originally, have some of the best traits and could help humanity a lot. Now, self-doubt has swayed in.

• Q: Can you really say “I love cancer”?



• Someone seeking a solution to a common or real problem.


• Used to tell someone there is something intrinsically wrong with them.

• E.g. You need to get help.


• People suffer silently.

• Hence increase in cases of depression, suicide etc. which is treated at a very shollow with maximum profiteering because individuals do not want to seek real help and solve the real problem. Of course, that is because seeking help is looked down upon. Visiting the doctor is a little more acceptable. So is taking a pill. Somehow.



• Someone who can do things.

• Someone who can get shit done.


• A negative connotation (Power Hungry).

• Books are being written about women not to be attracted to men of power.


• A handicapped Society.

.:. Which somes up all previous points.


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