Toronto Life Coach Transcription

Hey, wassup wassup wassup

It’s me, Lui Bliss, again, in the building!

It’s good to see you around again. I’ve had a pretty crazy time these past few months. But here I am, back.

So I’m here to take you around, show you a bit about my life. Again, what I do is Life Coaching and the way I do Coaching is using Meditation as an approach.

What I can do for you is to help you and empower you to live the life of your dreams using various methods and methodologies in order to eliminate all obstacles that stand between you and the life that you live.

Balanced between your mind, visualization and imagination of the life that you desire and changing your subconscious processes and thought process as well as dealing with reality that you are in right now. And utilizing the unseen forces. Because whether you are or you are not aware of, there are unseen forces that are at play that we dealing with in day-to-day circumstances.

For example, light, the spectrum that we see, with our eyes, is only a minority of the spectrum that is available to us. This is called ‘visible’ light.

The same way how there is a small amount of light that we actually see, then there is also limited things that we know about in the world and by utilizing the services that I offer, you are able to penetrate and use these forces, that are available within you to amplify and speed up the process of living the life that you dream.

So it is not about going about and struggling with the outside world. There are at least 3 different aspects that you gotta deal with. You gotta deal with your own Self, also known as ‘inner game’ i.e. how you are dealing with the situations that are coming at you from the outside world. There is also the outside world and of course the ‘unseen’ reality. These are the 3 minimal levels of ways in which Toronto Life Coaching deals with you attaining your desires.

So anyway, these videos will not get prolonged, I’ll show you my dog and we shall move on.

[Husky (my dog) makes an appearance outside]

So yeah, like I said, here I am, walking my dog. In my neighbourhood.

I hope things are going great with you.

My only tip and advice for you is to begin by searching deep within your heart. And figuring out what it is that you truly want. Figuring out what you truly desire, and, don’t worry about how it is that you are going to achieve that which you desire if it seems too big for you. It should scare you, actually. That’s how it moves you. If it scares you that’s how you know that its something that right. Because you want to be waking up in the morning so excited because what you are doing today is taking you one step closer to achieving that which is so grandiose and you want to achieve it, that you wake up everyday, being excited, alright?

If its not challenging, or if you think it’s a small goal, then you might give up on it. This is why people give up on goals, sometimes, maybe because it’s not too hard to achieve… Because it’s not. The reason is because it’s not that moving for them.

So you have to pick something so moving, that you really want it and not care about what your friends, what your family says, that you can or cannot do it. Just have that in mind and then slowly, as we would advise you at Toronto Life Coaching, is to meditate on it. That will keep the fire ignited within your heart.

The spark is there, and you continuously, each and everyday, you are propelled to go out and achieve it.

So let me know how that goes, you can share with me your dreams and aspirations and what it is that you desire out of life, and what it is that you want to do. And slowly, with the meditation process, visualizing and affirming (as if you already have and achieved that desire) you begin taking actions and thinking the way that would make that happen. So your behaviour starts changing, the way you act starts changing and your actions, everything, changes to make that [affirmation/visualization etc.] happen. You have set in your mind, it, as a target, a destination, for you to get to.

I believe that’s a mouthful for today.

Let me know your thoughts, ideas about what you just heard in the comments (Youtube).

Hope to get in touch with you ASAP