Lui Bliss Homework: Step:1 Transcription

Today, I’ve got some homework for you.

Write down, on a piece of paper:-

Health                                     Wealth                                                Love

Under “Health”, write down all your health goals. How fit you want to be, if you want to lose weight, how much weight you want to lose. If you want to gain muscle, how much muscle you want to have. How do you want to look? Write it all down.

#2) “Wealth”. How much money do you want to have? Write down the exact amount, and the amount of time your target is. Make it as realistic as possible in your mind, however, try to make it challenging, but is actually possible. See what you can do. And try to hit that number. Write it down.

#3) Write down what kind of relationships do you have? Your love life. Write down what kind of partner you want to have.

Be as thorough and as detailed as possible in these 3 things and tomorrow, after you have done this, we will get back to you with what to do with this list.

All The Best,

Ciao, Peace