Lui Bliss Radio Interview


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Chris: Welcome back to Empire Radio, this is the professionals round table, I’m your host, Christopher Celery.

At the table right now, I have the Meditation Based Life Coach from Toronto, Canada. Lets welcome, Lui Bliss to the round table.


(Audience Applauses)


Lui: Thank you, thank you very much, Chris.


Chris: So, Lui, welcome to the round table, thank you for accepting our invitation to be here and coming with us live on the radio.


Lui: Thank you for having me.


Chris: Absolutely, so please start off by telling us a little about who you are and what you do?


Lui: Well, my name is Lui Bliss and I’m a Meditation Based Life Coach. What I do is help people live attain the life they desire, the life of their dreams.


Chris: Alrighty, and what got you started in this line of practice/line of work?


Lui: What got me started is the fact that I’ve been delving in and out of meditation for around the past 13 years. And I’ve realized, myself, how much it helped me personally within my life and I wanted others such as my friends and family to start doing meditation and I found myself capable enough a few years back to teach them myself, instead of referring them to other people. So I started teaching them how to meditate. So this became the spark of my path toward Meditation Based Life Coaching.


Chris: Do you need any special training or certification to do Meditation Based Life Coaching?


Lui: Yes, actually, I do,


Chris: What kind of certification do you have? What does somebody need in order to do what you do if they wanted to do it themselves?


Lui: They would have to go through the process of the Meditation Based Life Coaching Institute and go through the process of learning how to teach individuals to meditate whilst targeting their dreams and desires. And teaching them meditation with this specific methodologies. Ofcourse, when they come to me directly, I do have additional background such as spiritual targeting as well, awakening Kundalini and optimizing the 7 chakras and/or balancing them. There is a spiritual aspect as to what I put on the table.


Chris: When somebody contacts you, what is a session like, what can they expect out of that?


Lui: Well, if you were a client, Chris, you would have some kind of roadblock/obstacle or a general situation that you are unhappy with. And unlike contemporary therapeutic ways of trying to supress those things, we try to find out solutions in order to attain those goals. For example, if you are feeling stressed in your life, we would look at ways in which to destroy that stress by moving, for example, your life towards something that would produce what is called ‘healthy stress’. So now you are excited. For example I get stressed when I am overwhelmed by clients. However, this is a motivational stress because I am doing something that I love. This is part of the coaching I provide in order to propel yourself forward into a life of bliss.


Chris: Why do you think your clients choose you over someone else out there?


Lui: I provide a very understanding ear as well as because of delving into many different livelihoods and lifestyle in life, I have a deep understanding into the human nature of desire. So I empower individuals to go after their big dreams as well as provide a support system in order to be propelled forward without any filtration process. With understanding the guidance system that helps them and this is where meditation also comes in because meditation is like a generator of power within you that you can continuously feed yourself from. For example, I know people that have been going to therapy for 5 years, this is not why you would come to coaching to be coached for 5 years and your life is still the same as when you started. This coaching is to make you independent, self reliant.


Chris: Do you do sessions over the internet? Long distance/over the phone?


Lui: Of course, I am situated in Toronto so I do 1-on-1 interview in Toronto, however, if you are farther away, I do Skype as well as internationally video and audio chats work well. All these avenues are available for us to utilize.


Chris: The technology has changed things quiet a bit, huh?


Lui: Yeah, it has. It matters how you use it. Some people use it for negative causes, and become addicted to social media etc. This is something that my clients and I look out for. We like to use social media to propel ones life. If you start a business, you could use social media to reach out to more and more clients and get more business. While others are sucked into it and end up wasting time. When you sign up for Meditation Based Life Coaching with me, this negative attitude automatically shifts because your priorities in life change to what it is you want to accomplish, whether it is 3-months, 6-months or 5 years from today and where you want to be. So when you determine these long-term goals, all these little things that don’t matter anymore stop happening anymore, automatically. When you practice and meditate on them daily, magically, what you have dreamed about 5 years ago has manifested.


Chris: Absolutely! Lui, its been great having you on the show, I’m going to send everybody off to your website where they can see what you have to offer. That website is or send an email to or you can give him a call directly, the number is (647) 972-9994.


Lui, it was great having you on the show, thank you so much.


Lui: Thank You so Much Chris.