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Project One Toronto

Project One Toronto

What is ProjectOne Toronto

ProjectOne Toronto is a community based project with the aim of uniting all, spreading wisdom and love from Toronto to global. Toronto is an excellent place for the launch of such a project due to its extremely diverse cultural/people spectrum.


The idea of One

The idea of One has many levels to it, that are yet to be discovered. It is complicated yet very simple. Looking at the Earth from the moon, the whole of it looks One. A ‘blue quarter’ as the astronauts call it. However, looking at the world from within, from our own experience, we fail to see the oneness of us all. We are attached to our own individuality and separateness from the other. What we fail to realize, is that even this One –ourselves- could also be seen as composed of separate entities (mind-body-soul for example). In a more scientific scale, and taking it to a smaller level, what makes up this entire body are many cells that are put and work together.

One can look in the perspective of that single cell and see how it could see itself as separate from all other cells. However, we know that that cell alone could not function on its own. We also know that even that cell can be broken down into even smaller composition (atoms, nucleus etc.)

Going back and looking at the Earth from the moon, one can exit this whole solar system, and then the sun, the moon and the earth are One. Infinite?

Which perspective do you choose?



As a child in high school, I used to always question the positivity of such a diverse and multi-cultural community and city. I used to wonder why that is a good thing. Today, I realize that Toronto is, on a large scale, an example of the possibility of world peace.

People, whom in their originating countries would be enemies and killing each other, are here, in Toronto next door neighbours, best friends and even living under the same roof.


We, at project one, want nothing less than world peace, harmony and love. We also realize that such attributes cannot be manifested in the world without beginning with ourselves. The famous saying by Ghandi rings truth with our mission “We must be the change we wish to see in this world”. Each of us at ProjectOne Toronto realizes that the greatest project is ourselves. By helping ourselves we help others.

This community is based on sharing, we all share what we have. Each one of us comes from a different place, have different experiences and our own perspectives. What’s even more interesting in this as we realize, is although we have all these differences etc. our unity is unbreakable. In a single discussion we can all realize how similar we truly are.

This is another mission of Project One Toronto. We want to realize the similarity that is within us all. As we share this openness with ourselves, we will be sharing it with the world.


How it all began

Of course, the idea –not necessarily ProjectOne Toronto, but in general, started a long time ago. A very visible point is on a day when we did a search on Youtube for the term ‘Toronto’ and surprisingly we didn’t get many interesting results back.

This was a disappointment to us. What happened later is kind of funny actually. We started blaming others, blaming Torontonians for the lack of effort of showcasing this wonderful city online. It seems that we have so much talent, yet it is not so easy to find just authentic Toronto. We wanted TORONTO!

So, with that in mind, why not WE be the change we want to see, let us showcase Toronto, help spread a community vibe and showcase our new talent and intelligence and whatsoever else wonderful things we offer.

Each of us has our own different experience, and with that a perspective. With our open mind and heart we can learn from others. It is us being closed, and not accepting of other’s views etc. that create the boundaries between us. That is not to say that we must believe in what the other believes in. But at least accept that that is how they see things and maybe we can learn something from them.


This is a form of education that is interesting. With our vision, we will show people what are the possibilities of living/life. In addition, when where people are suffering or sad, that they are not alone, that people have been where they are and have managed to do something with their lives and be a productive aspect to themselves, their communities and thus the world.

The ripple effect

We often don’t realize how much our actions etc. actually do shape the world.

Take for instance a day in which one is angry. That anger could then be channelled into someone else, be it a family member or a co-worker. That anger/frustration would then be channelled to another, and the cycle could continue.

By being aware of such activities, we are empowered, and thus have a knowing that what we do can and does affect the world around us.


Who we are and what we do

We are a dedicated individuals who are for the betterment. Not that things aren’t good the way they/we are. But, there is existence and we are to make the ‘best’ of it. In our minds and hearts we believe it is through Love. Our actions will be based upon Love and the spread of Love.

We are bringing together, individuals in the Toronto community who vibrate at this frequency. This healing with love is done in many ways such as exercise (yoga etc.) martial arts (Qi gong) meditation, diet, music etc.

We realize that a balanced way of life is the most harmonious. We will be striving for looking for ways in which we are in harmony with nature and the world around us. Most importantly, in harmony with ourselves.

By living in a place that is fast paced etc. we lose ourselves. ProjectOne Toronto aims to remind us of who we are as people, to take a step back and appreciate the breath we are taking at ….this…. … moment…………



The movement

We will be interviewing/discussing/documenting and journaling with insightful individuals.

The information will be channelled through various mainstream media:


Showcasing different artwork from the Toronto community with this vision

Photography, painting, music, community products and services etc.



We shall be hosting a show every weeks that brings different thinkers, alternative methods to healing, natural healers etc, and giving them a voice.

We are giving a voice to the Toronto community and Toronto community stores etc. spreading awareness of their existence and benefits.

This will better our economy (more money being put into Toronto-Canadian small scale stores- as opposed to money spent on large, corporate, profit hungry, usually International stores eg. Book storesà The Toronto Women’s book store is now on the verge of closing to this impact. With movements such as ProjectOne Toronto, awareness is raised on such issues to help such stores that are based on goodness survive and strive).

This will better our sense of belonging and many other positive aspects.

People who didn’t know, will now know that such people, places, communities, opportunities exist.

The greatness of Toronto will be manifested in the hearts of those who are willing to see.


  • Maximize ourselves, our potential, our resources at every given moment.
    • There are no incorrect moves as long as our intentions are conscious and pure.
  • Showcasing different lifestyle, such as chefs, musicians of various orders, artists, etc. the struggles they went through and what it took for them to get to where they are.
  • We can be anything we want to be. –> Finding out our passions and sharing it with the world.

Project One Toronto Logo

  • The Oneness of all is

With our interest in cultures, perspectives, ideas and beliefs, and our ability to relate we plan on utilizing these skillsets in giving a voice to the people of Toronto and ways without imposing our own views and judgements upon them.

We realize that there is no ‘right’ way or ‘wrong’ way.. just different ways.

  • We label aboriginals and native peoples as ‘backwards’ and uncivilized without thinking that they have their own kind of civilization and educational systems. We, however, completely dis-acknowledge this about them, and impose our beliefs and value’s upon them. This can be in the form of ‘educating’ them with our own educational systems etc. This has the effect of stripping them of their culture and beyond.
  • There is much to learn from examples like these. This is only one point of view. Which as it is, could be agreed upon or not, but can and should not be ignored when thinking about issues that relate with this matter.


“Ask and thou shall receive

Seek and though shall be given

Knock & the door shall be opened.”


Realityà Who defines, who sets the limits of what’s possible and what isn’t?

Time? Is it a factor?


Life is beautiful

Life is love

Life is abundant

Life is abundant

With beauty and love


About us


University life/days are a celebration of my life. The days of university I have learned so much about myself, the world around me and ‘reality (?)’. These past few years, I have travelled the world. I’ve been on spiritual retreats. Lived in nature as well as lavishing in top level nightclubs.

Throughout my past I’ve built computers as well as set up home and car audio from scratch. I’ve learned to cook as well as practice the healthiest diets.

I have expanded myself socially. I’ve come through many inhibitions- to the extent of also going to nightclubs alone in order to meet and interact with new people.

I have followed a dream. Going against the grain and what my parents thought was best for me.

After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Business, in addition to specialized finance courses; I decided to do something completely different. I found myself taking Anthropology courses. Through my experience in life and in school I have gained a wide perspective on business, as well as human and societal behaviour.

All my past experiences have led to where I am today. I have gathered many tools in my, and it is now time for me to use and utilize them.

I will be able to use all of the skills that I have learned in the past, as well as mindfulness in order to overcome all obstacles that come our way. We have the help of the world, as ProjectOne Toronto is for the world. We are helping ourselves, being honest and true. This will dictate our actions. That is our intention.

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