Are You Ready to Make it Happen?

The Bliss Meditation Program and Coaching includes many facets in order to submerge you into the whirlpool of manifesting your life’s desires as quickly, seamlessly and as stress-free as possible.

Gain insight into your life and what it is that you would like to achieve, do and manifest in your life by delving deep into your mind and subconscious mind to have those unkempt desires emerge. To bring out the turest sense of who you are and live as authentically as you can ever be.

After you do that, you will write down, in a very specific mannter, in the present tense with affirmations and feelings impressed upon them. This is written down in your agenda and you slowly begin to paint a whole picture of you whole life. It all becomes completely clear to you how you want to live.

Although this may seem like “How on earth am I going to live this life” You should not worry about that. You NEED to have this thought. This idea, that living this life that you pictured could be impossible, but would be AMAZING to live, is what will compel you to wake up excited every morning and will drive you into supreme happiness when you see little results along the way that pinpoint the milstones of your success and how close you are to live that life.

So be wild, get crazy and DREAM the life you would absolutely DIE to live for. That you would fight anything and everything in order to live that life. Make it so that it is the supreme like that is worth sacrificing everything for. Because if its not, then why bother, to say the very least?

Next, what we will do is change your habits, ways of thinking and subconscious negative reactions that repel you from your desires.

How do we do that?

Two ways

1) Through counselling and coaching by having a mentor such as Lui Bliss by your side, making sure you are always on the path towards your desires and not steering away by accident and finding yourself somewhere you don’t want to be. Another way Lui can help you is by being a guard of yours and devising the system that you need in order to propel yourself forward with maximum peace of mind.

2) By utilizing the power of meditation to reprogram your subconscious minds and affirm to higher beings and spirits to help and guide you and make it so that your desires are delivered to you. By meditating you also become synchronized to the frequency of the object of your desire, this synchronicity allows you to become one with it, accepting of it and attaining it.

Don’t delay, you won’t live this life forever, but you do want to live this life the best way possible.

Start consciously creating and live your ultimate life.

Ready to start? Then begin by booking this no-obligation FREE consultation to see if it is feasible for us to work together and joining me on the adventure!

See you on the other side!