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Our Philosophy in a Nutshell

Beliefs, unless consciously chosen, are by nature inherited.

You may hold a belief so dear since you have experienced it and it has proven true time and again.  Your belief becomes your reality.

The luck that a few of us have,  that we can examine those beliefs and realize the False from the True is extraordinary.


For example, today some of the beliefs that shape our reality are from and/or reinforced by television.


Guns and violence are readily available on TV.  We, as well as our children, watch shows and movies with scenes of extreme violence, yet an R rating is assigned to scenes depicting the simple act of lovemaking, compassion.


Children grow up with a violent mentality and the epitome of the manifestation of that is bullying at school, violence and shootings in the street and eventually worldwide warfare.


This may be oversimplifying things, however, it happens all time time. You are given a book or a story and are told that this is a prophecy and these words are God’s words and you take on that belief as your own. They could be true or they could be false. But, if you believe that they are true, you are not going to prove yourself wrong. You are not wired that way! You will always prove yourself right.


Many of us for whatever reason are born into the notion that making money is hard to attain. How is making money going to be easy when you believe that making it is hard?


100 millionaires don’t think that making money is hard. They say it is easy. So adopt that belief.


Which brings me to the next point. Adopt the beliefs that abide and support the life that you desire.


If you are a woman and love having sex with men every day. Adopt the belief that you are a sexual goddess. Or a Goddess. Goddesses have lot’s of sex, and it is ‘socially acceptable’ more so at least, than the contrary beliefs,



If you are a man that loves to have sex with different women, love and respect sexually open women. Sexually open women are blessed and you are blessed to be with them.



Do everything it takes to live a healthy, long life. Be unorthodox.  Who said you have to live to the national average? Live to 100 or 150 or 200 for that matter. Believe that you can, without a shadow of doubt and implement your life according to that belief.

Methuselah lived until the age of 969 years.


People all over the world are living with limiting beliefs. Beliefs that limit their capacity to live their life to the fullest.  People are killing one another based on their beliefs. That, in reality, will serve nobody but the empowerment of the belief they stand for.


In reality, the system is upside down. Another example is within the feminist movement. I see so many examples where women are setting the double-standard for themselves, purposelessly.  In their efforts to de-objectify women, they objectify themselves!



The homosexual movement also wreaks havoc on the humanitarian well-being. These obstacles that we must face as the world progresses must be taken on by world leaders in order to increase the quality of human life.


The homosexuals, which is now readily known that to be a free thinker, is to be pro-homosexuality, is farther from the truth. Homosexuality is like a virus on the earth and needs to be cured.


At the very simplest example of the damage this causes to the world; if you fail to see it on the surface level is this example: If you were a farmer, and your crops turned out “homosexual” that would be bad news. You would starve and perish because your crops will not reproduce fruit. Or if you depended on livestock, and they ‘mysteriously turned gay’, you would be devastated since your food supply will soon be gone.


Your solution to survive would be either to treat is with some medicine, so it would become ‘straight’ as it’s supposed to, or kill it, with the hope that the virus doesn’t spread. Nothing to be proud of that you have inferior crops or livestock.

Tomate Farmer

It is a fact, that homosexuality is abhorred by nature.


So I say the system is upside down, or backward, for these individuals that claim homosexuality and act upon it need to be cured. But what society does is the opposite, which is to label them as “Proud”. So instead of curing the illness at the root, the system has managed to amplify it and make it look ‘cool’.


Our beliefs, as a humanity, is constantly shifting and changing. It is those that survive during these changing times that thrive until the end. This is the process of natural selection. Your beliefs shape your reality, how you act, and how you respond. It is up to you to shift it where you want it at the depths of your consciousness, at your “fight or flight” mode so you are always sure that any course of action you take, at any level, is in line with your chosen belief system

Natural Selection

Finally, you are told that you need to keep an ‘open mind’. Well, there are 7 chakras within the body. And at the very least, we need to empower 3 (the top, the bottom one, and the middle) with complete consciousness. An open mind (third eye/crown), an open heart, and an open sexuality (root chakra). So, not only keep an open mind, but also an open heart and, of course, an open sexuality and you will reach closest to living the Bliss Factor™ life.


Love & Light

Lui Bliss

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