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Mental Health

We are in life, usually, given options. The world is becoming more and more competitive, there is a growing database of information and it has become readily accessible.

There are instances, however, where we ignore such advancements in the modern world and it so happens that we give in to the notion that there is only one way to do this one thing and there is no other way. The dogma of this institution or industry, also, happens to have the final word and in most cases, we have given up to that.

Specifically, this example partakes to the psychiatric industry.

For a number of reasons and causes, one might become afflicted with what is a diagnosis of a mental illness.

This illness is diagnosed usually by ‘reading’ of symptoms by the Doctor or Psychiatrist and is then exclaimed that it is a “chemical” imbalance.

This is a claim made with the fact that there is proof that there is any kind of chemical imbalance. There is no test or lab result that proves this. Just a mere speculation by the said doctor.

As a result of such a diagnosis, the doctor most likely would give a combination of drugs over time to see what reacts well with the client.

In all cases, the symptoms, by the end of it, are subdued and everyone is happy.

Although, that is not the case…

The side-effects of these drugs are plenty and the quality of life of the client diminishes as a result of it.

These drugs are called “horse-tranquilizers” by the anti-psyciatric movement. Because this is what it feels like, at the very least.

So this is not the problem. Because for many, this is a solution to remove them of the agony they had once felt.

Being ‘drugged’ with horse tranquilizers may be the only way out. At least, it is the only way they know about.

This is the only way they know about because of the nature of the industry. And the wealth of the industry the allows them to remain at the top and not be taken down by any other means nor methods.

There are other means and methods that have been proven to be effective in the treatment of mental illnesses.

It is up to you, however, to make yourself aware and conscious of the modalities and the paths available to you. It is not always so clear, but submitting and giving up is seldom the correct answer.

The solutions that I have experienced with regards to severe mental health cases range from employing a team of highly skilled and trained team of individuals looking out for your best interest.

This can range from alternative health care practitioners such as TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) or visiting with a Naturopathic Doctor.

If the possibility that having a mental illness is due to a “chemical imbalance” then well, the solution of the psychiatric industry is to drug you, then the alternative method of dealing with the issue does the opposite. The supplements that TCM practitioners and Naturopathic doctors provide REVITALIZES you.

It brings back HARMONY within your body and restores your real health.

This is as opposed to the suppression of your symptoms caused by the drugs by the contemporary health care system.

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