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Living the Dream

It has been documented, that the practice of persistence and patience coupled with hard smart work reaps the fruit.

It all starts with the seed. If you plant the seed of winning, with patience, persistence and smart work you are bound to get the fruit of your labour.

This is contrary to the belief that you need to work hard to ______ (be successful/live the dream/have lots of money etc.). If you are working extremely hard, but doing all the work wrong then your result will be all wrong!

I lost 65lbs eating bacon everyday. This is contrary to most peoples and contemporary belief systems. I chose a diet called the ketogenic diet because it fits well with my lifestyle. I prefer fat over sugar, and be eliminating sugar and eating fats I managed to lose a hell of a lot of weight. I do not feel like I have sacrificed anything and got exactly what I wanted: bacon and weight loss!

The seeds to lose weight were in place, and the working smart had to be done, in this case following the diets guidelines. The recipe was there and available to me, all I had to do was follow it. My desire just had to be great enough for me to follow suit, and I made it even easier to get to the destination by choosing a path of my liking, one that I would enjoy travelling on i.e. eating bacon, eggs and avocado along the way.

The same can be said for anything else. You set the destination that you would like to end up in e.g. a certain relationship, lifestyle, health/fitness transformations, financial gains or general success (as imagined by you- success is different for everyone).

It is up to you to search and discover the right path for you to reach that destination. Some destinations may be quicker but more ‘painful’ some paths might take longer but are more pleasurable to travel on. There will always be decisions to be made and according to your set determined purpose i.e. destinations and priorities regarding the path and roads you are willing to take, you would make decisions accordingly.

Meditation allows you to think, visualize and imagine these different scenarios and outline the determined aspects of your destination and path at a very detailed, deeper and with great clarity.

Having a Life Coach will allow you to speak with somebody that has your best interest at heart to help you along the way and discuss your options, intricacies of your destination and the life path. A life coach will allow you to vent with no judgements and guarantees that he will make the road more bearable than if you were to partake on this journey on your own.

The Life Coach helps you deal with the stresses that arise and conflicts and anxieties as a result of the new experiences you may be unfamiliar with. And hold your hand when you need them to.

It is important to ‘shop around’ and find the best Life Coach that is available to you. Different life coaches have different specializations and it is vital that you find one that understands not just you, but your needs and ambitions. Who is also able to support your vision without any setbacks.

You are lucky to have found, here, a Life Coach that also basis his practice on meditation. With this method, you, yourself, take a very active role in your own destiny. Meditation empowers you greatly, and by using meditation properly, your need for a Life Coach will diminish over time since you are able to make decisions and partake on your journey alone with the honing of your very own personal guidance system that is ignited through your meditation journey.

With this case, the Life Coach purpose is just to set you off to your journey, and you will only need to resort to them when a situation arises that is beyond your personal capabilities and would require the Life Coach services once again. Yet this is seldom and a great Life Coach will help you to be empowered to take on the world with your own master powers laying within you already.

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