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Law of Attraction

Many people have their idea of the Law of Attraction all twisted up.

Some people don’t even believe in it thinking it all “mumbo-jumbo”.

Well, let me tell you, the law of attraction is very real. And you can use it.

But you must use it correctly.


How do you use it correctly?

Well, I’m glad you asked.

First, I’m going to discuss how to use it incorrectly, using ideology.

Thoughts, especially intentional thoughts, are like seeds.

When you want seeds to grow, you must provide them with the right environment.

That means fertile soil, water, the right amount of fertilizer and sunlight.

Using the law of incorrectly:-

Is throwing seeds onto the floor, how can you expect seeds to grow into trees and give fruit from the floor.

If you have been ‘trying’ to use the Law of Attraction claiming that it doesn’t work, well then that’s why.

You have been saying I want “this” or I want “that” and maybe going to the extent of visualizing and doing affirmations. All these are, are seeds. Have you been conscious of where you are sowing your seeds? Or have they been just thrown anywhere like your own floor?

How can you expect any results throwing seeds on the floor?

You must provide the right setting and environment for your seeds to grow into fruition.

What does this mean?

Being conscious of the seeds that you choose, and mindful that you do not throw unwanted seeds into your fertile land.

How do you consciously provide the right environment?

One way to do this is by setting aside time, each day and night for meditation. Meditation is the perfect gateway for a rich and fertile land that you can begin to consciously sow your seed there i.e. your thoughts and desires.

During meditation, after your mind enters deeper states and accessing your subconscious, you can begin to throw your seeds there. You do it perfectly during times like this and you use beautiful techniques, handcrafted, so you reap, even more, of what you sow.

Doing this daily ensures that all the care for your land and harvest is given, all the water it needs and the sunlight, which you are responsible for providing.


During the day, you will be preparing for your harvest fruition. Such as making the business deals for logistics, and suppliers, perhaps arranging for export and import. This will come naturally.

Because farmers do not just grow for themselves but sell their produce locally, and globally. They feed themselves and their communities, for a profit. And they do this by taking on the business challenges of moving their produce around.

This idiom signifies, in your life, the tasks that you will have to do in order to manifest your desires. For instance, say your seed was to have $1 million, then, after meditating on this for some time, and the seed has become a seedling and emerges from the ground, you will be taking the actions necessary in order to have the $1 million. The $1 million will then manifest once the seedling becomes a tree and then bears fruit. The fruit is the $1 million dollars.

And that is how to make $1 million.

Money Tree

As long as you are taking care of the seed –> seedling –> plant –> tree and meditating, visualizing, affirming. And then following your instincts in day to day life that will be the channel/avenue (farmers logistics) in order to capitalize on that money. It will be yours.

Start practicing the Law of Attraction Correctly!


Lui Bliss is a certified Meditation Based Life Coach ™ (MBLC™). He has helped 100’s of individuals better their lives using the concepts he teaches. To find out more about the services he offers click here.



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