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I got kicked out of Starbucks today.

Do you think Starbucks sucks? I don’t think so.

I go there every day. I’m friends with some of the baristas.

Today, there was a cute girl that I only just met the first time the day before.

She was wearing short shorts under the uniform and looked hot.

I told her that she looks ‘sexy’, she smiled.

Then, a few seconds later, another barista comes about yelling “THATS NOT APPROPRIATE”.

I looked around wondering if she was talking to me, she pointed out that what I said wasn’t appropriate.

I exclaimed that I could have said “you look great” or “you look fantastic” or “beautiful” or what have you. I wanted an explanation as to why that was deemed ‘inappropriate’.

Anyway, a minute later a dude barista came up to me and said ‘I HEARD WHAT YOU SAID’, ‘We have been getting a lot of complaints about you, and one more time you do this you are getting kicked out’.

I apologized

He repeated ‘one more time you do this and you are getting kicked out’

‘I said I apologize’ I told him

‘I don’t care if you apologize, you are getting kicked out ok’

Omg, I got furious “I told you that I apologize, the least you could do is accept it… Are you deaf or something?’.

So yeah, the story goes something like this and although I could have stayed there, I suppose because I asked to speak with the manager and he was like “oh the manager knows all about you”.

Anyway, I sat down at a table, took my laptop out, realized that the energy was a complete disaster, so, packed my stuff and went to another Starbucks, with my Iced Venti Americano… LOL.

Anyway, food for thought.

Even though you might feel with the baristas that calling her sexy is different than other compliments, probably because of the word sex in it. I mean I wouldn’t know. I like to believe that I am not only open minded, but also open hearted as well as have open sexuality.

It seems that, sadly, not everyone is like me.

Although, come to think of it. The LGBT is more sexually oriented. Lesbian, Bi’sexual’, Tran’sexual’. It’s all about your sexual preferences. And for the most part, people are targeting the same sex. LOL

Anyway, that’s not the subject of discussion, what is, is the fact that a few days ago it was pride weekend (in Toronto don’t know if its global).

And it had come to the extent, that even the local city cops have the gay rainbow on their uniform.

And one come into Starbucks the day before the parade and discuss, with full pride the aspects of the parade.

Anyway, the point I am trying to make is that these sexual innuendos that once used to be ‘normal’ or straight are now deemed as ‘inappropriate’ while discussions and actions of sex… With the same sex is fucking PRIDE.



And to add insult to injury, I guarantee you, that had I said “you look sexy” to the male barista. We would both be flying with pride.

So, please inform me, to top all this messed up shit already, whose doing the double standard?

I would like to instill pride in male-female relationships. Because there is nothing more beautiful than babies and straight people should be heavily rewarded for taking on such great responsibilities only deemed appropriate for creators (creating babies).

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