Lui Bliss

Counselling and Life Coaching Certificate

When you need repairs for your car, you would go to a mechanic.

Well, our mind is the same way. We do not always have the most well functioning mind and system that we deem necessary to partake in our set determined life purpose.

Thus, you need to go to the expert. The one who has taken it as his mission to study the mind and perfect it to become anything the user would like to deem it for.

This mechanic of the mind, after studying the situation at hand, and giving a thorough inspection is able to pinpoint the faults in the system and depending on the severity, offer to fix it, and gives you the bill for “parts and labour”.

These parts, when it comes in the term of the mind is from the investments made in order to gain the experience necessary for the pinpointing of the trouble. The labour is the time necessary now, in order to fix this issue.

The parts are the investments made in the past, as well as investments made in the present time. This is usually in the form of ‘soft’ expenses such as software. Just because you cant touch it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist or isn’t real.

There are more expenses that are incurred by the facilitator such as the space etc. that need to be covered on an ongoing basis.

Be weary of other mechanics who claim that they have this ‘certificate’ or that ‘certificate’.

Just because somebody has a certificate in a certain field does not mean that they are more knowledgable or can even handle what somebody who has real world experience from what is being practiced.

Meditation certificates as well as coaching certificates can be had with minimal effort nor a real background in those fields.

So a real mechanic is one who has managed to fix the most adverse of problems and has the highest satisfaction and highest achieving clients. Not the one who has 100’s of certificates hanging on their wall.

At the end of the day, ask your heart, or go with your gut instinct. Hear or feel what they ‘say’ and follow that. Not everything in life is ‘logical’ and although some facilitators might seem like they have the proper credentials in this industry… Think again.

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