Do You Want to Start Living the Life of Your Dreams…NOW?

What do you think it will take for you to do that?

Getting More Clients?

… Not Just More Clients?

…… Higher Paying Ones, Perhaps?


Well, I’m here to help you.

First, we need to understand our big picture in life. What is it that we desire and seek from it? We can gauge that by our level of ‘happyness’. If we are unhappy now, what do we think will make us happy? And if we are happy, how can we be even more joyful… Why not, right?

Concepts of “The Secret” or Law of Attraction too “Whimsical”?

Well, I suppose so too. I do think the movie went a little too far. But that’s just to send across the point. These concepts go very deep and can even explain concepts in Vedic as well as Buddhist overview of their version of life after death, or reincarnation. i.e. by the use of concepts of Law of Attraction, you not only have the power to determine the kind of life you live during this lifetime; but also future lifetimes, beyond the death of this body, if there are any, for you.

What does this mean for You?

Simply, you are the captain of this ship, you call your life. You set direction of the sail and choose where you want to go. Not only that, you also determine how you want to feel along the way. It is time to take responsibility over the imperfections of your life, and make it as so how you ‘wish’ it to be.

How is this Done?

Again, simply, determine where you want to go, and how you want to feel. This is about the final destination. If you don’t know where you want to go, pull out the ‘map’ and set sail somewhere! Just as long as you are not aimlessly drifting in the ocean with no purpose.

The GOAL is to know where you want to be, realistically yet challenging (more on this later), during certain milestones. Just so you keep track of your progress, are hitting targets and goals and know that you are well on your course towards your ‘freedom’ (also, more on this later).

Start by determining goals for 3-months, 6-months, 1-year, 3-years, 5-years and 15-years. Yes, 15 years. Where do you want to be in 15-years? You tell me “who knows” or what have you. Well, if you don’t, then who is taking charge of your life? This is your life and you are the one thats out there living it. Especially given the fact that when “unforeseen circumstances” happen, you claim that it is not your fault? Well, whose fault is it? You didn’t take the time to plan out your future, nor where you want to be, nor what you want to be doing and left it to some other force that you determine is “greater than you” to take control of your life. Thats a shame.

So What are Your Dreams & Aspirations?

For most people, the desire for the “Good Life” stems deeply in yearning for Financial Wealth and Independence, Optimum Health & Fitness, as well as Awesome, Just plain Awesome Relationships… With Friends, Family, Partner(s) and Ultimately everyone and Everything!!!

Only For You…

Through my many years of meditation, and compiling some of the teachings of the best Guru’s and Spiritual Masters of the century, to direct my forces into attaining anything I want.

As a gift to you, the people that have stumbled my way. I extend these powers to you, with the hope that you use them wisely, and not just effectively, but efficiently. Because just as the waves of the ocean come, they also go. And you are to make the most of them as they are here, and take the opportunity once it knocks.

A door may have closed upon you in the past, but continuously yearning on it may have let you lose sight of the others that have opened. Don’t wain too long, as the other doors won’t stay opened for very long, and you may need to continuously yearning.

Don’t yearn, be happy. We have both come upon this opportunity to be friends, and perhaps help one another.

I am so eager for this friendship that I am offering a 300% Money-Back Guarantee.

That’s right, if you do not deem me as a friend worthy of your money, I will give you back 3x what you initially gave me.

Next Steps…

Book from the four available packages below and begin taking your life to the Next Level… Guaranteed (Three Fold!!!)

First: Single Session:-

For $250..

You get a 1-hour coaching session including client acquisition. You will determine the kinds of clients you want to help, pinpointing what you do best, and what you can do for them. Of-course, optimizing the Coaching aspect of it would be, the determining factor in how many clients you wish to seek and see on a continuous basis. This is based on the vision for your life, and your lifestyle, thus determining how many clients you wish to see/and how much to charge them ratio.

Please take this opportunity to book a single session with Lui utilizing the calendar below, arranging a time and then checking out with PayPal to confirm your booking, and I will ‘see’ you soon.

Single Session Booking Calendar

Second: Double Session:-

For $499..

You get two sessions with Lui. Please see description of First Option. Booking two sessions gives you the solidity of establishing grounds for what you take from the first session, and provides you with not just a follow-up session to discuss what is working and what is not, but also the next steps you are willing to take to maximize the success that you desire from taking part in these sessions.

As an added bonusa Mastermind Group Webinar is also included in the ‘double-session package’. The Master Webinar is a system where you are able to connect with, share ideas with, and collaborate with other like minded individuals. There is much to gain from Mastermind Group Webinars, and these are just a few of the possibilities outlined here; ($100 value).

Double Session Booking Calendar


Third: 5 Session Combo:-

For $999..

Even more than the added bonus of the savings when you purchase the “5 Session Combo”, where you will definitely see a measurable difference in your results. Following up and implementing fixes to your strategy to keep boosting the effectiveness of the system. Especially with continued focused effort on your part as well. This combo also includes 6 Mastermind Group Webinars. Bringing your total savings of more than $850.

5 Session Combo Booking Calendar


Fourth: Ten Session Combo:-

For $1,499..

Show your sincerity, and dedication to a steadfast approach to your lifestyle change/enhancement and complete business overhaul with this package. Committing to 10 sessions right off the bat shows the seriousness you are taking in taking your life to the next level. And such actions are highly rewarded on my part. I do this by offering you next level discounts to show you the willingness on my part to work with you, long term, in meeting and achieving your goals. No matter how BIG or ‘CRAZY’ you may thing they are.

This package offers 13 Mastermind Group Webinars ($1300 value) so you can also delve deep into the community and take an active role in it. Of course, need I mention the whopping $2300 in savings (total)!

Ten Session Combo Booking Calendar


Here is a Summary of Currently Available Packages

1-Hour Life Coaching & Client Acquisition SessionUse online calendar to book a comprehensive 1-hour Coaching session with Lui Bliss.$250
Double 1-on-1 Life Coaching Session + Client AcquisitionDouble 1-on-1 Coaching Session includes one complimentary Mastermind Group Webinar ($100 value)$499
Five, 1-on-1 Lifestyle Optimization System w/ Six Mastermind GroupsFive Coaching Session Package includes complimentary 6 Mastermind Webinars ($600 value)$999 (Great Value)
Ten 1-on-1 Life & Business Goal & Aspiration CoachingTen 1-on-1 Life & Business Goal & Aspiration Coaching w/13 Masterminds ($1,300 value)$1,499 (Ultimate Value)

All services are now offered FREE OF CHARGE!

A tip jar is provided for your convenience sake.