Hi, I’m Lui

I work with motivated spirits like you who want to have a more fun, fulfilling life. My team and I target different aspects of your life, through time-tested and honoured Bliss Meditation techniques to uplift your soul.

The techniques and system we work with is ideal for someone that wants change and has some faith that they can and will change it. There is no magic here… With the will power and determination of the client, he or she is able to transmute all negative situations and their reactions to more positive ones and begin to attract positive things into their life.

Similar to the concepts of the widespread LOA (Law of Attraction), we use counselling, coaching and meditation to completely change ones life. These changes are made on a deep level so you can be sure to never regress back to your old ways. All diverse backgrounds are mostly welcomed.


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Spiritual Bio

Meditating since the young age of 17, Lui began by experimenting with various forms of meditation. First, he was compelled by the most basic and known method, that of noticing and following the breath. Through his expeditions, he was being introduced to the highest acclaimed teachers/Spiritual Masters known to modern humanity. Such teachers included Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj and Sri Ramana Marshi.

Vedic scriptures were also throughly studied and practiced such as the “Yoga Vasishta Sara”. This meditation, coupled with the most Devine spiritual teachings gave insights to Lui onto the workings of the Mind and Reality.

Lui had partaken in many spiritual retreats such as shamanic as well as buddhist both as a meditator as well as a servant.

In one spiritual retreat that changed his life, Lui had his kundalini awakened and during that awakening everything in his life had vanished. This experience changed his life forever and took him on the journey of healing of himself and others that he is on today.

I humbly ask you to include me in your life as we expose and share the gifts that we have inherited.

Wishing you all the success and Good desires of your heart.